Another year passes by

It’s early January and another year has rolled by – xmas break, New year’s and another Reya birthday!!! She is now 7 years old and the last 7 years have really been a blur. I can remember back 7 years and how unprepared we were to bring her home. It all seems like a joke looking at the yet to come teen years and other challenges that kids throw at us!!

This is a really interesting age, as Reya becomes more self aware. Her tantrums are more vicious – partly due to genetics and partly because she doesn’t like being told what to do repeatedly.  But her questions and comprehension skills are amplified as well. This is quite a see-saw between sweetness, smartness and smugness. But it is all rewarding just the same – I remember a debate i had with a co-worker years ago who told me having a kid was the best thing (albeit right after he told me that he enjoyed being home alone so he could watch TV  – another vice that i definitely can identify with) and how i said it was a personal choice. If someone asked me the same question right now, it is a no-brainer – the joy of watching someone grow up and how you get to mold them is unmatched.

Daddy missed her birthday again due to work. I will be there for the next one for sure!! Some photos of the 7th birthday:


When the tooth fairy came to Thailand

Writing this post after Reya has actually lost her 2nd tooth :). I think it was just mostly lack of time and slightly laziness that took me so long.

All her friends were losing their teeth in Kindergarten and she was super upset that she was left out. It’s amazing the things we want when we are so young :-). Towards the end of Kindergarten her first lower tooth had started to wiggle. She was so excited!!! But it was the every day waiting “when will my tooth actually fall”!! One of her friend’s mom at school who is a dentist said, “Reya use your tongue to keep pushing your tooth every day”. After that she was on a mission.

Finally her tooth popped on our Thailand trip! We were eating a meal on June 15th 2018 and her tooth popped off. She was so happy, it was unbelievable to watch !!! She said “Oh I wish Vivan was here so I could share this with him”. The innocence of these kids always tugs on your hearth strings!

So as she is excited that she is getting big girl teeth, we are sad at how fast our little baby is growing up. Its October 2018 as I write this and she has already lost her second bottom tooth. The first time the tooth fairy left her $2 in Thailand, this time around she only got a dollar.



Our summer trip to Thailand

Out of all the trips we have taken as a family since Reya was born, we all felt that the trip to Thailand was by far one of our best vacations. Whether it was the fact that we had all been so busy for weeks leading up to the vacation, or it was purely the people and the place that made the trip so special, is hard to tell.

The entire school year just flew by. I have been very wound up with running the business and Vasanth has been very busy with work too. When we arrived in Thailand after a very long flight, I think all of us were ready to completely unplug and unwind.

We spent two days in Bangkok, most of which were spent getting over the jetlag. But the hospitality at the Banyan Tree hotel, and the taste of the local food, were enough to get us started on the right foot. Bangkok is well known to tourists for their floating markets and their weekend markets that attract a very large crowd. There are a lot of merchandise to choose from or simply indulge your senses in and taste local street food. We made or way to one such market called Chatuchak.

Our time in Bangkok was mostly spent adjusting to the time change and the very hot and humid weather. Although we did explore a little, Reya was too tired and over whelmed to enjoy any of it. So we took it easy until we got to Koh-Samui. Even in the two days she spent at Bangkok, she came back with fond memories of a young girl names Jay that spent an hour with her doing craft and just chatting. Here are some pics from our 2 quick days in Bangkok.


We flew out of Bangkok and went to Koh-Samui where we were booked in Melati Resort and spa for 8 nights. It was a resort that beat all our expectations, whether it was the location, the service, the maintenance of the place or the staff. Koh-Samui is a pretty large island with a lot of areas and beaches  to explore. Our resort stepped out into a wonderful beach that was over looked from the infinity pool and the restaurant. Most days that we spent in Samui, there was light to moderate rain, but we made the most of the dry time.

Reya got to experience zip-lining and snorkeling for the first time and she was a champion at both, although she preferred zip-lining. As her parents, we felt a little nervous letting a 6 year old do it, but she was a total champ 🙂


The next day, we took a day trip out to some different islands and made 3 different snorkeling stops. The first one was in very shallow waters, and she got scratched by coral as soon as we got started, so that took a while to convince her to go back in the water, but once she was out again and started to see all the fish, she was totally in awe of the ocean. We made a couple of deep water stops too, she went out with the snorkeling crew at one of those stops since I am terrified of the deep waters. After she got stung by a jelly fish she decided to stay put on the boat.

Every day after a day out on the hot and humid island, we would go back to the pool in the hotel and spend the rest of the day just hanging out. Popcorn and drinks by the pool along with great staff and people from all over the world, doesn’t get better than that.

One of the other highlights of the trip, was also a visit to an Elephant Sanctuary. Elephants have been abused for a long time in Thailand, but there is now a small group of people that have come together to protect and save who they can . It was really sad to see the condition in which these beautiful, majestic animals come from, but it was heart warming to see that they are finally getting the help they need. Reya had a great time learning about their circumstances and of course feeding them heaps and heaps of water melons and bananas 🙂

We are counting down days to our trip back……these folks really made our trip very special and memorable


As the school year winds down next week, i have many fond memories of school and new friends. The year started with one Birthday party – Luis Mirabel and now ends with one for Spencer Wallace. Both parties were a blast and are bookends in a rapid year that we went through. As with most milestones, this one is bitter sweet as well – KG is done and we have had great memories to carry forward. Some photos from the parties below

Almost a year in

It’s been a long time since we last posted. Time flies and Reya is almost done with KG @ Del Mar pines. While it has been a great year, it is a bit sad to see them grow up this fast. We have had our share of tantrums, hugs, smiles, laughs, cries and sleepovers. Reya has done really well @ the school and adjusted well to her new digs. Highlights include singing at her Holiday party, 3 piggie opera and the fabulous spring sing. The school has wonderful teachers who are devoted and go the extra mile. Ms. Murphy is her class teacher and she has been unbelievably patient with the kids – she has 3 of her own as well :-).

Nothing gives me more joy than hugging her during drop-off in the morning. It is my meditation of sorts and preps me for the rugged day ahead. Initially Reya used to cling to me during these morning drop-offs but has now found her groove. it is also the time when the fathers hang out and chat about stock picks, wives among many topics. Every day is a fun ride to school and I have a great time dropping her off and talking to her on the way to school.

So another year rolls on and more memories are made. The future always holds surprises and with Reya they are all fun.

First Day of School

Today was officially the first day of school for Reya – she started Kindergarten today at Del Mar Pines. So begins a life long journey of learning and entry into the “true” life of sorts.  She was really excited to join her new school especially due to her new uniform, shoes, bags etc. But as every parent can attest to it – we are filled with trepidation and questions: how will she adjust? will she make friends? Are we cloistering her from the real world by sending her to a private school – one will never know.

But for now these are exciting times. it is a time of wonder and fun. It does signal a new milestone in our lives. I am happy to see her progress to her next stage.

It goes by fast…

As a parent, you often hear from other parents that the time with the kids flies by fast. “Enjoy it, it goes by fast…” or some variant of it “I missed a lot of those years, you never get it back”. I work with colleagues most of whom have older kids and they all yearn and sound melancholic when they think back to the preadolescence days of their kids. These words gives me pause, especially since Reya is our only child. Today is one such day… One of my close friends also told me before that you become a sap when you become a parent and the smallest incidents make you tear up. I feel those emotions today – Reya leaves her old school to join Kindergarten starting next week. I felt weirdly sad and almost teared up dropping her and saying my goodbyes to her principal Ms.Carol and her teacher Ms.Char.

These emotions aside, we have been very lucky to have her spend her last 2 years @ SVCC. They are truly wonderful caregivers and that is not a word that one can use with abandon for other places – these are teachers who care and who begin the process of chiseling these young minds to the challenges of the real world. Reya’s last 2 years here have flown by partly because she is growing like a weed and our schedules are crazy but also mainly because we never worried about her well-being @ SVCC. We have had wonderful teachers from Ms.Jenny to Ms.Char. Her friends also came by and went – Matthew, Kavya, Ella, Adele and Reya’s twin and foil – Jocelyn. It is amazing how our circle has widened in the last 5 years – Reya’s friends are our friends and Reya’s interests are our interest. We have met great people @ SVCC and will forever cherish Reya’s times there. I always look back fondly to my school days and i can only wish that Reya remembers these days in a similar fashion. They say it takes a village to raise a child and we are glad that SVCC was one such village in our journey with Reya.