That was fast!

When we mentioned to relatives in the US and friends that we were going to start day-care for Reya, we were warned that she would fall sick and that it would be a drain on our time and the little one. We were told that we should consider a home-sitter/nanny. Our “friendly” dentist mentioned that we should get a Telugu Nanny that she has used in the past. I have always believed in kids and even my dog socializing with their ilk. I also am a believer in professional care – and so we decided to leave Reya in a day-care. Our impending move to Chandler could help us in picking her up in case of emergencies and similar day-care issues.

As mentioned in the previous post, we started day care this week. On her first day Shweta noticed one of the other kids with a semblance of a runny nose. I did too but did not register it and assumed Reya would not catch anything. On the third day of day-care, Reya has caught her first official cold – 3 days!!!! That was all it took for her to fall sick – is there a record of sorts for this kind of thing? 

We are now monitoring her temperature (so far so good) and her general demeanor. She has been a happy camper and hasn’t fussed, although i can feel her discomfort every time she sneezes. We are hoping that this passes through quickly and doesn’t start a fever or anything more nefarious. But for now the plan remains and we will leave her in day-care once the weekend passes. But that was fast!!


First day of Day-care

Neil Armstrong famously said “one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”. We felt the same way today – it was Reya’s first day in day-care. Although it is a little step or a small beginning to her overall growth and development, it felt huge to us. We have had family helping us and watching her the last 6 months. For the first time we are at the mercy of strangers, albeit professionals and people far more qualified than me in handling young’uns.

Reya definitely did not make it easy on us. She had a restless and a fitful sleep night. We wanted to drop her at 9 am and were behind schedule thanks to Reya waking up at 3 am and settling down only around 4:30 am. We were wondering how she would do with the limited sleep. On the way to the day-care, we took a little detour so that she could get an extended bit of sleep in the car ride. Once we got there, the trepidation began. 

We were introduced to Reya’s care-takers (although their names’ did not register with us). We were shown around the room and the daily activities. We were warned that it might take her a week to get acclimatized to the surroundings. Reya did swimmingly though. She did not cry and was playing with some toys. One of the young boys  was playing with me and i felt great about the situation. I told Shweta that we should leave and that’s when Shweta started to sniffle. I did not know what the big deal was, although i was aware of the gravity of the situation. It was funny to see a big man walk to us and tell us that he cried like a baby when he dropped his baby in the day-care as well. That did the trick and Shweta felt better. We left for work and i could sense her anxiety. I felt totally comfortable knowing Reya was in the hands of professionals. 

We wanted to pick her after lunch and take her home – the idea was for her to have a shorter stay in the day-care this week. We went a bit after 12 pm, only to find that the little one was napping nicely, We decided to come back in about 15 minutes after grabbing a quick bite to eat. 2 Chalupas and 15 minutes later we picked up Reya from her first day. She was smiling and happy to see us. Apparently she did ok – her provider mentioned that she cried a bit when one of the other kids pushed her. We could see tear marks around her eyes and she sniffled all the way home – but in the grand scheme of things, she seemed fine. We came home and she refused to be with anyone other than the 2 of us. She did go down for a short nap and was back to her usual antics. So i would call her first day a success. The challenge will probably be tomorrow when she realizes she will be in the day-care and not the cozy confines of her house. But as Armstrong so eloquently misquoted on the surface of the moon, the first giant step has been taken and the next few challenging ones beckon. As we have heard numerous times before – Daycare causes kids to fall sick. We shall see….



Poop Watch

I never imagined that i would ever write a blog or an essay or anything I would ever author with the above title. But we are officially on a Poop watch with the little one – here are the details:

She had her 6 month shots on Tuesday and the doc suggested that we keep trying the solid foods at least for 5 days before giving up on a particular solid. So it was back to Avocados and since last Friday, Reya has not had a proper BM. We have tried a bit of prunes in her meals and that hasn’t seemed to help either. And hence the poop watch. 

6 Month Shots

Today we got Reya her 6 month shots – she turned 6 months old yesterday and we had a bunch of questions for the doctor as well and decided to get the shots in the middle of the week. Hopefully she recovers from them fairly quickly.

She was a good sport again – bawled for about half a minute and once i started doing jumping jacks to entertain her, she was laughing again. On a separate note, i did some jumping jacks yesterday and the day before and it seems to have messed up my shin splints. She’s been great so far with all her shots except the first set where she was probably too young to comprehend and fight the pain. 

On a bittersweet note, our pediatrician Dr.Y, has decided to move on from her role in the Peds office to a Non-profit attached to the PCH. We wish her luck with her new role but we are a bit bummed about losing her. She was awesome and never sugar-coated anything. But as pink Floyd said “the sun races around to come up behind you again”.

Maybe i should have kept Dr.I’s phone # after-all 🙂

Ears Pierced

So today we were ambling around the house with nothing much to do. I watched the Wimbledon men’s finals in the morning and was pretty much killing time – and of-course, my laziness meant that i did not get the work-out i planned in. As usual….

But anyway, Shweta had this idea of getting Reya’s ears pierced and so we decided to head to the Claire’s in Chandler Mall and get Reya’s ears pierced. I was petrified just to picture Reya bawling during the whole procedure. We went there after lunch and waited about 15 minuted for our turn. The lady who did the piercing told us that “she will cry” but that it should stop within a minute or two. She said the kid needed to be at-least 2 months old for the piercing. Reya is almost 6 months old.

When it was our turn, i was quite chivalrous and asked Shweta to hold Reya- i couldn’t even bear to look. But Reya was quite a feisty one, she cried for maybe a total of 30 seconds and she was back to her happy self within a few minutes – no major tears or crying. She fussed ever so slightly when Shweta dabbed the cold antiseptic lotion on her ears but even that was relatively minor. I was so proud of her and happy to see her take it well.

So Reya has her ears pierced and hopefully that stops people from mistaking her for a boy – although someone supposedly did that immediately after the piercing. Look at her ears people – she is a girl!!!