Ears Pierced

So today we were ambling around the house with nothing much to do. I watched the Wimbledon men’s finals in the morning and was pretty much killing time – and of-course, my laziness meant that i did not get the work-out i planned in. As usual….

But anyway, Shweta had this idea of getting Reya’s ears pierced and so we decided to head to the Claire’s in Chandler Mall and get Reya’s ears pierced. I was petrified just to picture Reya bawling during the whole procedure. We went there after lunch and waited about 15 minuted for our turn. The lady who did the piercing told us that “she will cry” but that it should stop within a minute or two. She said the kid needed to be at-least 2 months old for the piercing. Reya is almost 6 months old.

When it was our turn, i was quite chivalrous and asked Shweta to hold Reya- i couldn’t even bear to look. But Reya was quite a feisty one, she cried for maybe a total of 30 seconds and she was back to her happy self within a few minutes – no major tears or crying. She fussed ever so slightly when Shweta dabbed the cold antiseptic lotion on her ears but even that was relatively minor. I was so proud of her and happy to see her take it well.

So Reya has her ears pierced and hopefully that stops people from mistaking her for a boy – although someone supposedly did that immediately after the piercing. Look at her ears people – she is a girl!!!


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