6 Month Shots

Today we got Reya her 6 month shots – she turned 6 months old yesterday and we had a bunch of questions for the doctor as well and decided to get the shots in the middle of the week. Hopefully she recovers from them fairly quickly.

She was a good sport again – bawled for about half a minute and once i started doing jumping jacks to entertain her, she was laughing again. On a separate note, i did some jumping jacks yesterday and the day before and it seems to have messed up my shin splints. She’s been great so far with all her shots except the first set where she was probably too young to comprehend and fight the pain. 

On a bittersweet note, our pediatrician Dr.Y, has decided to move on from her role in the Peds office to a Non-profit attached to the PCH. We wish her luck with her new role but we are a bit bummed about losing her. She was awesome and never sugar-coated anything. But as pink Floyd said “the sun races around to come up behind you again”.

Maybe i should have kept Dr.I’s phone # after-all 🙂


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