That was fast!

When we mentioned to relatives in the US and friends that we were going to start day-care for Reya, we were warned that she would fall sick and that it would be a drain on our time and the little one. We were told that we should consider a home-sitter/nanny. Our “friendly” dentist mentioned that we should get a Telugu Nanny that she has used in the past. I have always believed in kids and even my dog socializing with their ilk. I also am a believer in professional care – and so we decided to leave Reya in a day-care. Our impending move to Chandler could help us in picking her up in case of emergencies and similar day-care issues.

As mentioned in the previous post, we started day care this week. On her first day Shweta noticed one of the other kids with a semblance of a runny nose. I did too but did not register it and assumed Reya would not catch anything. On the third day of day-care, Reya has caught her first official cold – 3 days!!!! That was all it took for her to fall sick – is there a record of sorts for this kind of thing? 

We are now monitoring her temperature (so far so good) and her general demeanor. She has been a happy camper and hasn’t fussed, although i can feel her discomfort every time she sneezes. We are hoping that this passes through quickly and doesn’t start a fever or anything more nefarious. But for now the plan remains and we will leave her in day-care once the weekend passes. But that was fast!!


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