Stand and Deliver

It’s been a while since I last posted – multiple happenings in the meantime – our first stint with a sinus infection and antibiotics, Reya getting used to day-care, Reya not napping in day-care and other growing pains. As first time parents, we freak out more than our fair share but I think we are holding up fairly decently. Concerning things include Reya not putting on a lot of weight, attributable to her getting sick.

But on the positive side she is almost ready to stand up. Yesterday we were playing with her on the den and suddenly noticed that she was propping herself up on the diaper box. She was eagerly pulling out a loose piece of sticker paper on the adjacent wipes box. Reya was having a ball of a time doing it without realizing that she had just about started a major milestone for every human. She crawls at a fairly decent clip and it is hard to keep up with her. We are now facing the perils of a growing baby in that she is interested in the most hazardous of things – edge of bed and bed-posts, plug-points and crawling under tables with sharp edges. It is exhausting keeping up with her but a whole deal of fun. At times we think we should have had her (an interesting question, if we did, would it have been Reya five years ago as well?) when we were 5 years younger.

But for now we are enjoying each milestone and coaxing her to say the first word – i think it most likely will be some form of gibberish but hey whatever….Now onto walking….