Over the last week (a little over 9 months old), Reya has started to clap her hands – its a bit uncoordinated but still a huge landmark for us! We will post a photo or two soon.

In addition to clapping, she can point to my nose (or more likely her mom’s nose) and pops my cheeks when i puff it. She is really happy about all these tricks and laughs when she does everyone of them. She has also figured out how to stand on her own for about 5-10 seconds. Walking is just a few weeks away….


We took Reya to the park today and introduced her to the swing. Here is a shot of it:Image


And before that i was carrying her on my shoulders @ home:



A fall before fall begins…

It has been a while since the last post. So many things have changed during that interim – grandparents have gone back home (longing for a glimpse and a smile from Reya through skype), multiple illness caught and fought, mom taking time off work, Reya being pulled out of day-care and the family moving closer to work and civilization. Whew!! That is one heavy list.

Basically we decided to pull Reya out of her daycare as she was falling sick constantly. She was not eating properly and was diagonsed with 3 colds, one nasty flu (which was passed on to everyone including the grandparents who flew back home), a stomach flu with bad diarrhea that freaked us out a bit and then an ear infection. It prevented her from gaining much weight and eating her solids properly. But between the diarrhea and the ear infection Shweta decided to take 2 months off work and tend to her full time. That has worked wonders – although Reya still caught an ear infection, she eats her solids without fussing, plays well and started to stand using supports. The diarrhea was initially and incorrectly attributed to her teething. She now has teeth popping out in the front bottom and is constantly gnawing at everything. She is a joy to watch and i love every minute of it.

But with great power comes great responsibility – today on the anniversary of another fall (by her mom when she was pregnant), Reya had a fall. She supposedly fell while holding on to a cabinet and narrowly missed getting hurt badly. But she had a bout of vomiting thereafter and that got us worried about a potential concussion. We called the doc and the nurse told us to go to the ER right away which annoyed us as they did not even listen to the entire conversation. At this point we are watching how Reya does and we will make a call on the ER depending on her demeanor – she has been super otherwise.

In any case, the last 2 months have been an absolute roller-coaster (did i mention a canceled vacation to Vancouver?) and i think we have held up fairly decently through it. We cannot wait for her to walk and talk and will keep updating the blog more often.