Almost 11 months old

Again a post after an extended break. The last 2 months have flown by and it has been hard to find time to post on the web.

A lot of developments in the last 2 months – Reya can now confidently stand and is getting very very close to taking her first step. Her father sometimes wants to prod her and poke her to get that proverbial first step out of the way. She walks very confidently holding on to things for support. She now has 4 teeth, 2 on top and 2 below and looks like might pop some more anytime soon! She mouths a few words – her first word officially is Mama! She tries to say Butch and can say “Back” and babbles quite a bit. She can sign come, bye and hold me. And she has learned to shower kisses on her dad and mom!! It is absolutely exciting to see her grow mentally and physically.

On other notes – we now have a full-time nanny for Reya and Reya has bonded really well with her. Zoe, the nanny, takes care of Reya during the day, helps her get her super-disturbed naps and takes her out for play time. There is still a bit of separation anxiety and i think it is getting worse as Reya is able to fathom that her parents leave for extended periods of time during the day. We took her on her first beach trip to LA – Malibu beach isn’t a bad way to start one’s beach adventures for life. We met with our friends for Thanksgiving and had a ball of a time. Everyone loved her and were playing with her non-stop and Reya learnt to climb up the stairs – down not so much. She loved the attention and focus that she held. And here is a picture of that

DSC_0280 (2)


So all in all a great 2 months and a great more to come. We are excited to see the development in her and can’t wait for the next few milestones.


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