First steps

Yesterday, the 22nd day of December marked the day that Reya officially took her first steps without any help. I was sitting right by her and coaxed her to reach for the remote and she took 2 steps towards me, albeit slowly and with trepidation. The dad in me was elated and grabbed her as soon as she took those 2 steps. In hind-sight maybe I should have let her take a few more. Her mom, unfortunately, did not watch the show as she was in the other room. But Reya, being the sweet-heart that she is, did an encore for the mom last night. Now we have to coax her to do it often and longer.

The last month has seen a lot of progress in her skills – she now mouths “papa”, “mmm” for food, a form of Butch and mama. She also managed to feed herself holding a spoon and is getting a bit more adept in figuring out use of objects. She loves to eat what is in our plates than in her plate and she enjoys Cheerios and Raisins. She managed to survive a weekend with dad or rather her dad survived a weekend with her 🙂

It has been an absolute blast the last year and looking back its amazing how much she has developed mentally. From being 21 inches long and helpless now she is able to stand and pull the dog’s tail. We have had great fun the last few months and cannot wait for bigger things to unfold. At the same time we miss a few things that we did to her as an infant – holding her to sleep, feeding her with a bottle and much more. But better things await and life goes on.


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