Almost 16 months!

It’s been a long hiatus….the last 6 months have flown by, and we, Reya’s parents have been too caught up to update the blog.

A lot has happened since the last post, our little girl is no longer an infant, she turned a year old, soon after that figured out how to toddle and turned into a toddler. Reya has been a very busy body ever since. She is on the go 24/7 and never seems to run out of gas (literally and figuratively) :-). Reya has been growing leaps and bounds developmentally since she hit her first year mark. She has been great at following directions, identifying objects and desperately trying to convey her emotions and needs. Her uncle Rajeev was here for her first birthday. We just had a small family celebration, and she had fun with some balloons, her own cake to smash and some gifts to open.




She has turned into quiet a social bee too. We had Rabia and Vince come to visit, followed by uncle Fundu (a.k.a Rohan Fernandez) and she bonded with them just great. As long as she is read to, played with and fed well, she is a very happy baby.

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Reya has also bonded very well with Zoe who has been her nanny for almost 7 months now.  Through the winter months when the weather was great, Zoe and Reya have been spending their time taking walks, playing at the park, going to the library going to the gym, enjoying finger painting and planning other fun activities. She has learned a lot from these outings, knows a bunch of nursery rhymes, tries to enact to them and is slowly picking up some sign language too. Out at the park, she is starting to get assertive and possessive of her toys and makes it very clear when other kids come around to play with HER sand toys :-). It’s been an amazing development to watch, and with this will slowly come the very hard but extremely important concept of sharing.  Reya has also made a couple of visits with us to the zoo and is starting to love animals and birds. At this point though, any four legged creature is just Bu (a.k.a our priceless Butch). She has taken to him really well too, loves waking up to his morning licks, tries to throw the Ba (ball) for him and likes to just lie on him and give him hugs. Butch has also been exceptionally calm around her and has finally accepted her as one of his pack members :-). She also started her swim lesson in March, which she seems to enjoy too. We need to get a video of her while swimming for a different post.

DSC_0955 IMG_0474 IMG_0546

Reya has been saying a handful of words now, babbles a lot and is desperately trying to communicate. Her vocabulary currently includes papa, mum-mum, cheese(which BTW she LOVES), ba(ball), bu(bubu), a very loud bye, thatha(grandpa in tamil),up and some form of down(which is also a command she gives Butchie, loud and clear). Note…she can very well say mum-mum, but she absolutely will not say mama, or any form of mommy! I am starting to get very desperate now to her her say the words. Oh, and we also started potty training with our little monster. Some say it’s too soon, but so far she has been doing great, and I am a proud mama. I will be delighted if I can get her out of diapers by the time she is 2!

We had our first proper family vacation in April, took Reya to Maui. She did great on the flights, loved the ocean and being outdoors and all in all was a great baby to travel with. Although I had to take a ton of goodies with me on the flight over to keep the busy bee occupied, it was a relatively easy flight. She totally took to the ocean, loved waking up to the sound of the waves and loved chasing birds around. We did a few long drives and a crazy catamaran trip which were a little hard on her, but that was as expected.

DSC_1373 DSC_1354 DSC_1117 DSC_1390

She starts daycare again on May 13th. She really needs to now be around other kids, start learning more and get into a better routine. I am sure she will miss Zoe and all the attention for a while, but I also believe that this time around she will like the extra company and all the play and learning time.