Mumma! Ant bites and more

After waiting for 17 months for her to say the word, she finally did! Mumma, Mumma, Mumma :-). It was a joy like no other when I heard it, and the best part was, everyone became mumma, including papa!

She started day care at Bright Horizons about a month back and all of us love the school. Transition took only a few days and she has come home happy and cheerful everyday since then. The teachers are simply great. Miss Alexis is her class teacher and miss Hillary takes care of the other toddler class. The kids do so many fun activities all day. She has been learning a lot and her vocabulary has expanded to include several new words. She had her first ant bites the other day, while playing outside at school. My little baby ran to the teachers screaming and crying. The took care of her right away and thankfully the bites didn’t trouble her for too long. I wish I was with her though when it happened ……

Couple words that are her new favorites are yuck and uh-oh. Both of which can get quite grating after you hear her say them on and on and on for a few minutes! She is turning out to be a neat freak, which I don’t really mind but she can drive you crazy if you don’t help clean up the yuck right away :-).

We had our first week alone without papa when he was traveling to Japan. We did OK i think. Papa came back with a new doll for Reya, we call her Mell. Reya has learned to pretend play with her, likes to put her to sleep, feed her, comb her her etc. It is adorable! She also discovered her love for chocolates when pap brought back some from Japan ad makes the cutest face when she wants to ask for one since she still can’t say the word 🙂

We are leaving for a vacation to Vancouver this weekend with a stop over in Seattle to see the Syracuse friends. More updates about the vacation upon our return.

Here is one of her before a swim class, she loves the water!


This one is on our way back from daycare. Notice the sticker on her face 🙂