Last month Reya learned all about the ocean at daycare. They read books, made art projects, did a lot of sensory play around the ocean theme. Reya did pick up a lot about the ocean and started taking special interest in fishes and turtles. To top that, I bought her a book about a fish!

The weekend that Reya and I went to Atlanta to see Neha and Ria, daddy decided to surprise her with her own pet fish :-). When we arrived home after the trip, Reya saw her own pet fish, a Betta and daddy named it Nemo. Reya was pretty excited, watched it, fed it. Then she saw me clean out the fish bowl and was very excited by the process too.

In the last few weeks Reya has learned to feed the dog, the birds and the fish. I think it’s great she is learning to do it so young!



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