Some keepers from Reya’s first daycare

Now that we have moved the San Diego, Bright Horizons in AZ has become Reya’s past daycare. She started school in San Diego at La Jolla Children’s Learning Center. I will blog about that later as some time passes. In the mean time I wanted to save up some of Reya’s pics from BH that miss Alexis was kind enough to save for me. Reya loved her teachers and friends at BH, we all did. She had a memorable 2013 there and daddy and I had a lot of peace of mind knowing she is having a ball there! She fondly remembers Miss Kwestan and miss Alexis each day.


This is a really cute one, I recognize Sameera, Hadley and Vidyuth πŸ™‚


Exploring colored ice!


They grew this water melon in their school garden and the kids got to explore and talk about it.


Reya being Reya πŸ™‚


Learning about hot and cold.


Face paint day!


Cleaning up during water play.

And one from Reya’s last day, with Miss Alexis, Tamira and Miss Kwestan.



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