Potty Training

My goal was to have little missy out of diapers by the time she turned 2, and guess what? We did it!Well mostly Reya did it. We started off when she was about 14 months old. Having a nanny at the time helped since she stayed consistent with Reya. Also having Bright Horizons on board when she started there helped a lot. I don’t have any weird stories to share about her potty training…I don’t really remember her throwing a tantrum, or really refusing the potty seat. Yes, like most kids, it took her some time (like a couple of weeks), to going poo poo in the potty, but that’s it!. And by the time we took the trip to India and Italy in September 2012, where she was only 18 months old, she had pretty much stopped pooping in her diaper. It helped that she didn’t like being “yucky”.

So as per planned, the diapers came off after she turned two and there were not really that many accidents either. At her daycare in San Diego, her teachers didn’t even put the diaper on a nap time and she always woke up dry, so all in all I am very pleased and super proud of my girl! Although the transition to underwear is a little emotional for me…you know (she is no longer a little baby in diapers). But moms are crazy like that…. 🙂




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