Reya is almost 28 months now, it’s been 3 months since we moved to San Diego and time is just flying by. She adjusted really well and to our surprise rather quickly to her new daycare (La Jolla Children’s Learning Labs) and all the other changes that came with the move.

Her vocabulary has increased exponentially and she amazes us with her command over the English Language at such a young age. She is also very perceptive and very observant like her father, nothing you say goes unnoticed. There have been several significant changes in her personality, not to mention the growing sense of independence (which then leads to the “terrible tows”) She has learned to push her boundaries which is natural, but by trial and error I have realized that she responds better to talking and repeating instructions patiently than she does to yelling and screaming. Of course we don’t always function like that but we are all learning as we go.

She has also learned to pretend play in the last few weeks and does a great job of it. She has an entire army of stuffed animals, and each day she has a new favorite. This also determines which ones gets to go to school with her :-). At home she cooks them meals, she talks to them, she pretends like they are sick, and it is fun to watch and listen to her conversations! She has learned to hum her favorite songs and rhymes, and daddy must play her Pandora station (Nursery Rhymes) every day in the car, to and from school. But this repeated listening has caused her to memorize a large number of rhymes which is great!

She also loves her books and loves to read, once is never enough, and every book has to be read atleast 3 times (especially at bed time).

She is loving her outdoor time in San Diego and beach time is turning out to be an absolute blast. She is a pretty funny kid and can giggle and laugh and entertain for many hours together :-).

Some clicks from the last few months.

Beach fun!


Swinging at school with Alexis


Mommy, I want a picture with piglet.




Sticker and stamp crazy!




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