Summer 2014

It’s been 6 months since we moved to San Diego and it hasn’t taken too long for us to get used to this lovely city. Great weather, lovely beaches and a good number of friends to keep us busy. Reya loves the ocean too and likes to spend a lot of time building sand castles, playing in the ocean and just chilling :-).

The summer has been full of travels and visitors. The months from May to July have just flown by and in a good way! We have enjoyed all the company and Reya has started to make connections and build relations with people around her, so it has been very special.

This post is just to be able to relive the wonderful memories of summer 2014, hopefully as the years go by.

The first trip was from Namrata masi and family, who has been mom’s closes friend since 1994. We are missing baby Aariana and uncle Amit in these pics. Eshaan and Reya met for the first time, they played some and fought some, but overall got along just fine :-).  Hope to see more of them.


This was followed by our trip to the east coast. We flew into Philadelphia to see uncle Premal and family, then drove to see Auntie Linthoi and family and then spent some time in New York City. It was a great trip, full of kids and fun :-). Reya’s first time meeting Langlen and Malem, also first time meeting Raahi. (we had seen Rishma in Seattle duting our trip there in July 2013 but Reya was too young to remember her from that trip).

DSC_0903 DSC_0908 DSC_0929 DSC_0936 DSC_0939 DSC_0966


Bottom less after getting soaked in the fountains in Central Park 🙂



Getting a hand tattoo in Central Park

DSC_0986 DSC_0990


On the bus in NYC!

DSC_0998 DSC_1014



Riding with Langlen and Malem



IMG_0983  IMG_0993IMG_0987

With Raahi, Rishma and uncle Premal

Rob and Darci (My favorite people, as Reya calls them), came to see us after the NY trip. This was of course a trip also very special for Butch since he got to see his best bud Ransom. Those two are like soul mates in the dog world…wish we weren’t so far away just for bubu’s sake. Rob and Darci were their usual fun and always awesome to hang out with self. They spent a lot of time playing with Reya, drawing chalk outside with her, reading to her and of course burying in the sand at the beach 🙂

IMG_1042 IMG_1043 IMG_1045 IMG_1048

Some more pics from Diya’s visit. Reya had a ton of fun playing together, the girls bond really well. We also visited the zoo when Diya was here.


We made a trip to San Jose and San Francisco for the July 4th weekend. Stayed with our cousins Usha Athai, Gopal uncle and cousin Shruti. Also met my cousin Pranav briefly who is now 6 years old! Usha Athai took me toy shopping and bought me my first train set :-). Daddy was more excited about it than I was! Mom didn’t take pictures of the cousins, hopefully we see them soon again. Also spent time with mumma and dadda’s friends and loved meeting Aria, Aneesha and uncle Fundu again.

Some pictures of all of us on our little hike to the ocean. Aria shared her jacket and her snacks with Reya since I had forgotten to pack any for her.

Then all the adults went crazy and decided to have a racing contest among themselves, of course the girlies couldn’t resists, so below is a picture of Aria and Reya with their dadda’s getting ready to run 🙂

IMG_1063   IMG_1069  IMG_1072

IMG_1076 IMG_107120140705_170121IMG_1068

And last but not the least a visit from Andre and Deita and Cesar :-). This one was also for Butchie :-). This was the first time Reya really bonded with them and it was a lot of fun. Uncle Andre is great with kids, he carried Reya around on his shoulder everywhere, read books to her, played Indian rhymes for her on the Ipad, and built sand castles for her at the beach 🙂

IMG_1095 IMG_1093


All in all a very fun and memorable summer 🙂


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