The little things

Reya just turned 3 this past weekend. Time is flying and I don’t want to forget the little things that amaze me about her everyday (who knows some day I might lose my memory :-))

We debated the co-sleeping issue for the entire first year. Now we are at a point where after 3 years, we don’t know how to sleep without her next to me any more. Some nights are rough, with her (corkscrewing) in bed :-), but I really don’t fight it now. I love the night time stories, and he little chats and the early morning kisses, her smile and her cuddles 🙂

Not to mention, in the mornings when she first wakes up and no one is in the room around her she calls out “mumma dadda”!/ And then it is a race between Vasi and I to run up to the room and get her first 🙂

IMG_1269       20140520_210129

Nanna and her have become inseparable, Reya calls her my Nanu :-), and wants her by her side from the minute she is out of bed. I hope she can always love her like that.

Another things she does each morning is “mommy is it TV day today”, right now she is allowed TV only every other day and she has been pretty good about it. Soon enough there will be no more asking and she will be in control of the remote :-). I can’t wait to see the fights between her and Vasanth then!

Last night while I was putting her to bed, she wanted to skip brushing (again), some nights I let her get away with it. Suddenly I thought of how she would look at 6 when she starts loosing her milk teeth, so I started talking to her about how children loose milk teeth and then get new ones. That freaked her out so much, she ran to brush her teeth, wasn’t my intention but worked out fine some how :-).

Oh this morning she was playing with the Ipad, and then asked for some Kiwi, so I said “no food with Ipad in your had”, she says “no mom no food, you feed me while I play” :-)…haha, cracks me up.


Here are some pics of us just being silly with photo booth

IMG_1344 IMG_1366 IMG_1385


And this is one of her, just fell asleep in my lap while we were out at dinner in Santa Barbara, during our 2014 Xmas road trip


Reya’s first friend

Reya made her first real friend at her school in San Diego (La Jolla Children’s Learning Lab). Her name is Saskia. They were in the same class together for about 8 months and the girls bonded really well. At first Saskia was very shy and spoke very little English (her parents are German). But over the months they got close and opened up to each other. They play really well together.

Unfortunately Saskia moved to a new school so they don’t get to see each other everyday, but they currently live very close to our house so we try and get together for play time as much as possible. Reya did miss her a lot when she moved schools and she hasn’t bonded like that with anyone else in her class just yet, but we are glad the girls can still meet and play. I think as her parents we were more heart broken than Reya was when Saskia moved schools. 🙂

Here is a picture of Reya and Saskia playing at the Hilltop park in San Diego



Here are some from the Dandiya celebrations in 2014 where Nicole and Saskia joined us


photo 2 photo 4


This is Reya and Saskia at the German Lantern festival