Reya’s first friend

Reya made her first real friend at her school in San Diego (La Jolla Children’s Learning Lab). Her name is Saskia. They were in the same class together for about 8 months and the girls bonded really well. At first Saskia was very shy and spoke very little English (her parents are German). But over the months they got close and opened up to each other. They play really well together.

Unfortunately Saskia moved to a new school so they don’t get to see each other everyday, but they currently live very close to our house so we try and get together for play time as much as possible. Reya did miss her a lot when she moved schools and she hasn’t bonded like that with anyone else in her class just yet, but we are glad the girls can still meet and play. I think as her parents we were more heart broken than Reya was when Saskia moved schools. đŸ™‚

Here is a picture of Reya and Saskia playing at the Hilltop park in San Diego



Here are some from the Dandiya celebrations in 2014 where Nicole and Saskia joined us


photo 2 photo 4


This is Reya and Saskia at the German Lantern festival



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