Reya’s witty ones

(Feb 2nd 2015) – So they were learning about “occupations” in school this last week. On our way back home from school, I started playing the same game with her, you know the who does she asks me “mom who makes signs?” (she was referring to signs along the road). While I was still thinking for the correct word she says “I know – “scien”tists ” :-). Totally had me cracking up.

Then the other day we were all in the car, and she tells her Nana

Reya – “nana, I am not happy with you”.

Nana – Why Reya, what did I do?

Reya – You penciled me up!

Nana – What does that mean Reya?

Reya – My brain tells me, it means you took a sharpener and started sharpening my cheeks!

The same morning we had the following conversation.

Me – Vasi I need to bleach my face

Reya – No mom, you are not a thing in this house, you are a human being

Me – eh?

Reya – You only bleach things not human beings (little did I know she pays attention when I say I need to use bleach to clean something!

Little kids are very endearing….they have the purest hearts. A couple of conversations Reya has had with me:

Driving to school this morning, listening to the Nepal Earthquake updates on NPR, and Reya sees this new home construction site at the side of the freeway and says “Mom, look they are building new houses for the people of Nepal, for all those who lost their homes, how cool is that!”…I just sighed and said : I wish the world was so black and white…

Our trip to Greece was great)2015), she had great time and made a lot of connections with people, where we stayed, some were little cafe owners etc…After we got back from our trip, in a few short weeks, the news was all about Greece, and how bad their economy was and how the banks were literally running out of money. Reya got very concerned that all her friends there would have no money to buy food or pay their bills…so she wanted to open her littel piggy bank and take all the money and go and give it to her friends in Greece :-)….

Oct 7th 2015 : Reya learned a new word in school yesterday, “nocturnal”. So when she was talking about it, I asked her if she knew the opposite and since she didn’t I told her what it was. The next morning on the drive to school, I brought it up again and I asked her the 2 words and I told her to define them for me. She did so, but for some reason with all my confidence I told her it was not “diurnal” but “biurnal”. She said, no mom yesterday you told me “diurnal, with a d, now you are changing it”. I said ” I never said di-, I said bi- and that how I was right”. She got very upset that she had forgotten and was now confused, so I decided to double check on google, and of course it was “diurnal”. She was like “look I told you!!”. . So much for mommy knows it all. This round Reya 1, Mommy 0 🙂