Friendships and developing personalities

As these little ones are going from being babies and toddlers into “little children”, their personalities are starting to show and they are our own little reflections of parenthood. As we are all trying to figure this out, it has been very interesting to note the changes in the kids as they grow older, their likes and dislikes, their emotional quotients etc. Among the little ones that Reya hangs out the most with are Saskia, Alexis, Kiyana (our new neighbor) and Vanya. And each of these 5 girls are so distinctly different. Vanya is the most resilient, strongest 5 year old girl I have ever met. She has an older brother so he has learned the tricks of the trade very soon, and stands her own ground no matter what. She never sheds a tear and will fight till she wins, there is no other way she knows. Then there is Saskia who is very emotional, cries at the drop of a hat and has started using her loud voice and tears to get most everything. This however doesn’t fly in our house, every time Reya whines or cries to get something or even yells, I either walk away or ask her to do it one more time. Then she realizes it isn’t helping and changes her tone. I don’t know is this is the correct way, but this is the only way that is making sense to me at this point. I used to be like that, cry at the drop of a hat, but it took me a log time as I grew older to shed that fear and become confident. Having seen that for myself, I would not like to see Reya go through it. If we can make her confident and independent, the rest she wil figure out I am sure. Alexis is a sweet heart, she is the easiest personality, very giving and very easy. She has her own qualms of not liking the sand or the water or the grass :-), and Reya keeps trying to coax her but so far not too much luck :-).¬†And then Kiyana, this one Reya bullies. Kiyana is even more timid than Reya and so Reya pushes her boundaries with Kiyana. It’s amazing to see how all these girls try to find where they can have an upper hand. I guess it is all a part of gaining that independence, trying to figure out how far you an go with whom and defining your own relationships.

Given the social media connection in today’s times, I am sure we will stay in touch no matter where in the world we end up…it will be interesting as parents and for Reya too, to come back to this post one day and see how everyone shapes up. Here is wishing all the very best to all these adorable little ones!