Christmas Break 2015

This Christmas was different from the 2014 one. Christmas 2014 we had Reya’s grand parents over and her Ganesh kaka visited too :-). We did a road trip to NoCal and it was awesome. This year she was older and much more excited about Christmas. Although she wasn’t sure till the last minute about what she wanted from Santa, so Santa too a guess and bought her roller skates. We spent Christmas eve in Mexico and came back on the 25th afternoon to open presents. This year Reya and I went to watch the Nutcracker with Eva and Archana, it was Reya’s first time watching a musical or any play and she loved it. It also helps that she has been learning Rhythmic Gymnastics so she could relate to the dances. After the Christmas week, Neha, Arjun, Ria and Ava were over for new years brea. That was a great trip. Reya and Ria had a great time, got along great and was 4 days of non-stop playing :-). We all spent New Years eve at Stone Brewery in San Diego with the kids and it was lovely. The kids almost made it to midnight.



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