Reya’s first Gymnastics Recital

Summer of 2015 I was looking for some class to enroll Reya in. At the time she was really not that much of a daredevil and wasn’t too big on jumping and tumbling. I tried a few ballet classes but she wasn’t keen on it. Then I stumbled upon Rhythmic Gymnastics. I think it is a great blend of flexibility, grace and strength. So far she has been loving it and she is picking up pretty well too. They had performances planned for Halloween where students of all ages could perform. Reya was in the 3-4s and they were all dressed a little pumpkins. They looked absolutely adorable and did a great job! I remember having so much stage fright as a kid, but the kids these days are afraid of nothing :-), it’s great to see the confidence! Here are some pics from the night. I hope she continues with Gymnastics.