Reya’s 4th Birthday

This post is a little overdue. I quit working full time at the beginning of 2016, yet on all the days that I am home, I have no idea where time goes!

Back to Reya’s birthday celebrations… we wanted this to be a more intimate birthday and less of a fanfare. Reya was easy to convince too and was allowed to pick a few of her close friends and an activity that they would like to do. In the end we ended up setting up an hour long ice skating lesson for Reya and her friends. It was the first time for most of them and given they age, they are eager to try anything new :-). Reya picked Kiana (our neighbor), Alexis and Saskia to bring along for the birthday. The girls skated for an hour and then we cut cake and enjoyed a few snacks. It was a perfect evening for her!

Later that night our friends Sanjeev and Ankita stopped by too, and Reya loves spending time with them. We hung out and Reya sang and danced to a series of songs from the move Frozen 🙂


Leading into the week of her birthday, we did a lot of baking :-). There was one day of baking with Kiana so the girls could enjoy some cup cakes and then there was a day of baking to carry yummy cupcakes for school :-).


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