Reya’s 4s

The year has just flown by. We are well into summer and Reya turned 4 1/2 years old. I always said, it seems like we had no terrible 2s with Reya, but the 4s sure do seem more challenging (at least to me, mom). It’s part of her becoming more independent, along with the daily battles of following rules. It’s amazing how quickly they go from being cute little 2 year old to these independent, argumentative kids! She is still very much a free spirit, but also very stubborn in a lot of ways. The hardest are school mornings and bed times, where we are all either short on patience or short on time :-). On off days, I really don’t care how she whiles away her time!

She really does have a mind of her own, she loves participating in various different activities, but as far as putting in the hard work out side of her classes, I still haven’t seen that side of her. Hope she comes around, I know she is still very young, but it would be nice to see that fighting spirit, like they say, you wish all the things for your kids that you never could do :-). She is very curious though, and always eager to ask questions and know it all, I hope that never changes. And books, she goes through 10 library books in 3 days! Love her love for books and wish that she starts reading more soon :-). I have seen a shift in her reading skills over the last few weeks, the easy books I pick up for her at the library, she is now able to get through most of them without help or putting up a fight, YAY to that!

Did I mention she has a sweet tooth, oh yeah very much so! She could spend her entire day eating stuff loaded with sugar, starting with chocolate granola! I honestly don’t mind the extra calories, it’s the sugar that worries me. I know very well what so much sugar can do to your dental hygiene, and I surely would not want her to go through that, it’s so painful!!

Here is wishing for calmer days ahead 🙂