Moving away

Saskia and Reya have been best friends since they were two. They first started in Ms. Marath’s class. Later after that school year ended, Saskia moved to a different school in San Diego, and Reya stayed in the same school. Luckily since we lived very close to each other, we made sure the girls met atleast a couple of times a week. As they grew up, they got even closer and as their personalities developed, they got along really well and always enjoyed each others company.

Then in the summer of 2016, Saskia’s family decided to move away, all the way across the country to Boston. It was her father’s job that took them to the other end of the country. At first it broke my heart to break the news to Reya, and as I did I could see the tears swell up in her eyes. We made it a point for the next few weeks to get the girls together as much as possible. But as the day finally got closer, Reya refused to talk about. We made Saskia a beautiful going away present with pictures of the two girls. When Saskia came over to say her last good bye, Reya refused to hug her or say good bye. It was the first real separation for her, from a really close friend.

Both Nicole and I will try our best to keep the girls connected. We already face time and have the girls write to each other (so far in their almost legible writing 🙂 ). Remains to be seen how long we can stay connected in spite of the distance.