2016 Christmas break

We had 2 weeks off for winter break and it was time to get away. We decided to take a road trip to Zion national, we hadn’t made it out to a National park in a couple of years. Our friend Ganesh decided to join us with his daughter Ziva and it was great because Reya had company throughout the trip.

Reya was excited to see the snow, however the cold temperatures took her a couple of days to get used to. She also did a couple of hikes with us , however not without complains :-). We hope she starts enjoying more physical activity as she grows up and builds more resilience. Our Christmas day was in Vegas this year and Reya had asked Santa for a kids camera, so Santa delivered it to Vegas so Reya could use it and take it along on the road trip. I will make a different post with Reya’s own pictures from the trip.

Here are some we took along the way