This 5 year old…..

Reya turned 5 this last January. Since then there have been some significant personality changes, some I love, some I am not so sure of….

For instance, her girly side has started to show more (not like she was a tom boy before 🙂 ), but the Emotional Quotient can be off the charts some days and the tears roll like they are running out of fashion, I remember being like this too…but this is all new for daddy, who has to my surprise been extremely patient.

She has also become very self aware, she wants to dress well all the time, she wants to look pretty. She decides what clothes she wants to wear, how her hair should be done, what clips should match etc!!! She wants to use all of my lovely smelling lotions and wants me to save my shoes up for when she is old enough to wear them! It’s happening to fast and I am not ready for it, hence looking forward to the uniforms at school starting Kindergarten!

She has grown more independent not only in her daily chores but even in her opinions and stands up better for herself against the not so nice kids. This makes me very proud :-).

She loves reading and has suddenly made leaps of progress in reading on her own. She is ready for real school I think. It’s amazing to see the changes, the tiny steps towards independence. As a parent the felling is always bitter sweet, as much as you want them to be free and self sufficient and good decision makers, you miss the little baby there was once :-(.

Here is to a whole new phase and more fun and exciting times, all of which we cherish each day.


Look at me mom, I look pretty today