First Day of School

Today was officially the first day of school for Reya – she started Kindergarten today at Del Mar Pines. So begins a life long journey of learning and entry into the “true” life of sorts. ¬†She was really excited to join her new school especially due to her new uniform, shoes, bags etc. But as every parent can attest to it – we are filled with trepidation and questions: how will she adjust? will she make friends? Are we cloistering her from the real world by sending her to a private school – one will never know.

But for now these are exciting times. it is a time of wonder and fun. It does signal a new milestone in our lives. I am happy to see her progress to her next stage.

It goes by fast…

As a parent, you often hear from other parents that the time with the kids flies by fast. “Enjoy it, it goes by fast…” or some variant of it “I missed a lot of those years, you never get it back”. I work with colleagues most of whom have older kids and they all yearn and sound melancholic when they think back to the preadolescence days of their kids. These words gives me pause, especially since Reya is our only child. Today is one such day… One of my close friends also told me before that you become a sap when you become a parent and the smallest incidents make you tear up. I feel those emotions today – Reya leaves her old school to join Kindergarten starting next week. I felt weirdly sad and almost teared up dropping her and saying my goodbyes to her principal Ms.Carol and her teacher Ms.Char.

These emotions aside, we have been very lucky to have her spend her last 2 years @ SVCC. They are truly wonderful caregivers and that is not a word that one can use with abandon for other places – these are teachers who care and who begin the process of chiseling these young minds to the challenges of the real world. Reya’s last 2 years here have flown by partly because she is growing like a weed and our schedules are crazy but also mainly because we never worried about her well-being @ SVCC. We have had wonderful teachers from Ms.Jenny to Ms.Char. Her friends also came by and went – Matthew, Kavya, Ella, Adele and Reya’s twin and foil – Jocelyn. It is amazing how our circle has widened in the last 5 years – Reya’s friends are our friends and Reya’s interests are our interest. We have met great people @ SVCC and will forever cherish Reya’s times there. I always look back fondly to my school days and i can only wish that Reya remembers these days in a similar fashion. They say it takes a village to raise a child and we are glad that SVCC was one such village in our journey with Reya.