Almost a year in

It’s been a long time since we last posted. Time flies and Reya is almost done with KG @ Del Mar pines. While it has been a great year, it is a bit sad to see them grow up this fast. We have had our share of tantrums, hugs, smiles, laughs, cries and sleepovers. Reya has done really well @ the school and adjusted well to her new digs. Highlights include singing at her Holiday party, 3 piggie opera and the fabulous spring sing. The school has wonderful teachers who are devoted and go the extra mile. Ms. Murphy is her class teacher and she has been unbelievably patient with the kids – she has 3 of her own as well :-).

Nothing gives me more joy than hugging her during drop-off in the morning. It is my meditation of sorts and preps me for the rugged day ahead. Initially Reya used to cling to me during these morning drop-offs but has now found her groove. it is also the time when the fathers hang out and chat about stock picks, wives among many topics. Every day is a fun ride to school and I have a great time dropping her off and talking to her on the way to school.

So another year rolls on and more memories are made. The future always holds surprises and with Reya they are all fun.


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