Our summer trip to Thailand

Out of all the trips we have taken as a family since Reya was born, we all felt that the trip to Thailand was by far one of our best vacations. Whether it was the fact that we had all been so busy for weeks leading up to the vacation, or it was purely the people and the place that made the trip so special, is hard to tell.

The entire school year just flew by. I have been very wound up with running the business and Vasanth has been very busy with work too. When we arrived in Thailand after a very long flight, I think all of us were ready to completely unplug and unwind.

We spent two days in Bangkok, most of which were spent getting over the jetlag. But the hospitality at the Banyan Tree hotel, and the taste of the local food, were enough to get us started on the right foot. Bangkok is well known to tourists for their floating markets and their weekend markets that attract a very large crowd. There are a lot of merchandise to choose from or simply indulge your senses in and taste local street food. We made or way to one such market called Chatuchak.

Our time in Bangkok was mostly spent adjusting to the time change and the very hot and humid weather. Although we did explore a little, Reya was too tired and over whelmed to enjoy any of it. So we took it easy until we got to Koh-Samui. Even in the two days she spent at Bangkok, she came back with fond memories of a young girl names Jay that spent an hour with her doing craft and just chatting. Here are some pics from our 2 quick days in Bangkok.


We flew out of Bangkok and went to Koh-Samui where we were booked in Melati Resort and spa for 8 nights. It was a resort that beat all our expectations, whether it was the location, the service, the maintenance of the place or the staff. Koh-Samui is a pretty large island with a lot of areas and beaches  to explore. Our resort stepped out into a wonderful beach that was over looked from the infinity pool and the restaurant. Most days that we spent in Samui, there was light to moderate rain, but we made the most of the dry time.

Reya got to experience zip-lining and snorkeling for the first time and she was a champion at both, although she preferred zip-lining. As her parents, we felt a little nervous letting a 6 year old do it, but she was a total champ 🙂


The next day, we took a day trip out to some different islands and made 3 different snorkeling stops. The first one was in very shallow waters, and she got scratched by coral as soon as we got started, so that took a while to convince her to go back in the water, but once she was out again and started to see all the fish, she was totally in awe of the ocean. We made a couple of deep water stops too, she went out with the snorkeling crew at one of those stops since I am terrified of the deep waters. After she got stung by a jelly fish she decided to stay put on the boat.

Every day after a day out on the hot and humid island, we would go back to the pool in the hotel and spend the rest of the day just hanging out. Popcorn and drinks by the pool along with great staff and people from all over the world, doesn’t get better than that.

One of the other highlights of the trip, was also a visit to an Elephant Sanctuary. Elephants have been abused for a long time in Thailand, but there is now a small group of people that have come together to protect and save who they can . It was really sad to see the condition in which these beautiful, majestic animals come from, but it was heart warming to see that they are finally getting the help they need. Reya had a great time learning about their circumstances and of course feeding them heaps and heaps of water melons and bananas 🙂

We are counting down days to our trip back……these folks really made our trip very special and memorable