When the tooth fairy came to Thailand

Writing this post after Reya has actually lost her 2nd tooth :). I think it was just mostly lack of time and slightly laziness that took me so long.

All her friends were losing their teeth in Kindergarten and she was super upset that she was left out. It’s amazing the things we want when we are so young :-). Towards the end of Kindergarten her first lower tooth had started to wiggle. She was so excited!!! But it was the every day waiting “when will my tooth actually fall”!! One of her friend’s mom at school who is a dentist said, “Reya use your tongue to keep pushing your tooth every day”. After that she was on a mission.

Finally her tooth popped on our Thailand trip! We were eating a meal on June 15th 2018 and her tooth popped off. She was so happy, it was unbelievable to watch !!! She said “Oh I wish Vivan was here so I could share this with him”. The innocence of these kids always tugs on your hearth strings!

So as she is excited that she is getting big girl teeth, we are sad at how fast our little baby is growing up. Its October 2018 as I write this and she has already lost her second bottom tooth. The first time the tooth fairy left her $2 in Thailand, this time around she only got a dollar.