Another year passes by

It’s early January and another year has rolled by – xmas break, New year’s and another Reya birthday!!! She is now 7 years old and the last 7 years have really been a blur. I can remember back 7 years and how unprepared we were to bring her home. It all seems like a joke looking at the yet to come teen years and other challenges that kids throw at us!!

This is a really interesting age, as Reya becomes more self aware. Her tantrums are more vicious – partly due to genetics and partly because she doesn’t like being told what to do repeatedly.  But her questions and comprehension skills are amplified as well. This is quite a see-saw between sweetness, smartness and smugness. But it is all rewarding just the same – I remember a debate i had with a co-worker years ago who told me having a kid was the best thing (albeit right after he told me that he enjoyed being home alone so he could watch TV  – another vice that i definitely can identify with) and how i said it was a personal choice. If someone asked me the same question right now, it is a no-brainer – the joy of watching someone grow up and how you get to mold them is unmatched.

Daddy missed her birthday again due to work. I will be there for the next one for sure!! Some photos of the 7th birthday: