Reya’s 4s

The year has just flown by. We are well into summer and Reya turned 4 1/2 years old. I always said, it seems like we had no terrible 2s with Reya, but the 4s sure do seem more challenging (at least to me, mom). It’s part of her becoming more independent, along with the daily battles of following rules. It’s amazing how quickly they go from being cute little 2 year old to these independent, argumentative kids! She is still very much a free spirit, but also very stubborn in a lot of ways. The hardest are school mornings and bed times, where we are all either short on patience or short on time :-). On off days, I really don’t care how she whiles away her time!

She really does have a mind of her own, she loves participating in various different activities, but as far as putting in the hard work out side of her classes, I still haven’t seen that side of her. Hope she comes around, I know she is still very young, but it would be nice to see that fighting spirit, like they say, you wish all the things for your kids that you never could do :-). She is very curious though, and always eager to ask questions and know it all, I hope that never changes. And books, she goes through 10 library books in 3 days! Love her love for books and wish that she starts reading more soon :-). I have seen a shift in her reading skills over the last few weeks, the easy books I pick up for her at the library, she is now able to get through most of them without help or putting up a fight, YAY to that!

Did I mention she has a sweet tooth, oh yeah very much so! She could spend her entire day eating stuff loaded with sugar, starting with chocolate granola! I honestly don’t mind the extra calories, it’s the sugar that worries me. I know very well what so much sugar can do to your dental hygiene, and I surely would not want her to go through that, it’s so painful!!

Here is wishing for calmer days ahead ๐Ÿ™‚





Reya’s 4th Birthday

This post is a little overdue. I quit working full time at the beginning of 2016, yet on all the days that I am home, I have no idea where time goes!

Back to Reya’s birthday celebrations… we wanted this to be a more intimate birthday and less of a fanfare. Reya was easy to convince too and was allowed to pick a few of her close friends and an activity that they would like to do. In the end we ended up setting up an hour long ice skating lesson for Reya and her friends. It was the first time for most of them and given they age, they are eager to try anything new :-). Reya picked Kiana (our neighbor), Alexis and Saskia to bring along for the birthday. The girls skated for an hour and then we cut cake and enjoyed a few snacks. It was a perfect evening for her!

Later that night our friends Sanjeev and Ankita stopped by too, and Reya loves spending time with them. We hung out and Reya sang and danced to a series of songs from the move Frozen ๐Ÿ™‚


Leading into the week of her birthday, we did a lot of baking :-). There was one day of baking with Kiana so the girls could enjoy some cup cakes and then there was a day of baking to carry yummy cupcakes for school :-).

Reya’s first Gymnastics Recital

Summer of 2015 I was looking for some class to enroll Reya in. At the time she was really not that much of a daredevil and wasn’t too big on jumping and tumbling. I tried a few ballet classes but she wasn’t keen on it. Then I stumbled upon Rhythmic Gymnastics. I think it is a great blend of flexibility, grace and strength. So far she has been loving it and she is picking up pretty well too. They had performances planned for Halloween where students of all ages could perform. Reya was in the 3-4s and they were all dressed a little pumpkins. They looked absolutely adorable and did a great job! I remember having so much stage fright as a kid, but the kids these days are afraid of nothing :-), it’s great to see the confidence! Here are some pics from the night. I hope she continues with Gymnastics.

Standing up

It’s been a while since I last posted – multiple happenings in the meantime – our first stint with a sinus infection and antibiotics, Reya getting used to day-care, Reya not napping in day-care and other growing pains. As first time parents, we freak out more than our fair share but I think we are holding up fairly decently. Concerning things include Reya not putting on a lot of weight, attributable to her getting sick.

But on the positive side she is almost ready to stand up. Yesterday we were playing with her on the den and suddenly noticed that she was propping herself up on the diaper box. She was eagerly pulling out a loose piece of sticker paper on the adjacent wipes box. Reya was having a ball of a time doing it without realizing that she had just about started a major milestone for every human. She crawls at a fairly decent clip and it is hard to keep up with her. We are now facing the perils of a growing baby in that she is interested in the most hazardous of things – edge of bed and bed-posts, plug-points and crawling under tables with sharp edges. It is exhausting keeping up with her but a whole deal of fun. At times we think we should have had her (an interesting question, if we did, would it have been Reya five years ago as well?) when we were 5 years younger.

But for now we are enjoying each milestone and coaxing her to say the first word – i think it most likely will be some form of gibberish but hey whatever….Now onto walking.

Christmas Break 2015

This Christmas was different from the 2014 one. Christmas 2014 we had Reya’s grand parents over and her Ganesh kaka visited too :-). We did a road trip to NoCal and it was awesome. This year she was older and much more excited about Christmas. Although she wasn’t sure till the last minute about what she wanted from Santa, so Santa too a guess and bought her roller skates. We spent Christmas eve in Mexico and came back on the 25th afternoon to open presents. This year Reya and I went to watch the Nutcracker with Eva and Archana, it was Reya’s first time watching a musical or any play and she loved it. It also helps that she has been learning Rhythmic Gymnastics so she could relate to the dances. After the Christmas week, Neha, Arjun, Ria and Ava were over for new years brea. That was a great trip. Reya and Ria had a great time, got along great and was 4 days of non-stop playing :-). We all spent New Years eve at Stone Brewery in San Diego with the kids and it was lovely. The kids almost made it to midnight.


Friendships and developing personalities

As these little ones are going from being babies and toddlers into “little children”, their personalities are starting to show and they are our own little reflections of parenthood. As we are all trying to figure this out, it has been very interesting to note the changes in the kids as they grow older, their likes and dislikes, their emotional quotients etc. Among the little ones that Reya hangs out the most with are Saskia, Alexis, Kiyana (our new neighbor) and Vanya. And each of these 5 girls are so distinctly different. Vanya is the most resilient, strongest 5 year old girl I have ever met. She has an older brother so he has learned the tricks of the trade very soon, and stands her own ground no matter what. She never sheds a tear and will fight till she wins, there is no other way she knows. Then there is Saskia who is very emotional, cries at the drop of a hat and has started using her loud voice and tears to get most everything. This however doesn’t fly in our house, every time Reya whines or cries to get something or even yells, I either walk away or ask her to do it one more time. Then she realizes it isn’t helping and changes her tone. I don’t know is this is the correct way, but this is the only way that is making sense to me at this point. I used to be like that, cry at the drop of a hat, but it took me a log time as I grew older to shed that fear and become confident. Having seen that for myself, I would not like to see Reya go through it. If we can make her confident and independent, the rest she wil figure out I am sure. Alexis is a sweet heart, she is the easiest personality, very giving and very easy. She has her own qualms of not liking the sand or the water or the grass :-), and Reya keeps trying to coax her but so far not too much luck :-).ย And then Kiyana, this one Reya bullies. Kiyana is even more timid than Reya and so Reya pushes her boundaries with Kiyana. It’s amazing to see how all these girls try to find where they can have an upper hand. I guess it is all a part of gaining that independence, trying to figure out how far you an go with whom and defining your own relationships.

Given the social media connection in today’s times, I am sure we will stay in touch no matter where in the world we end up…it will be interesting as parents and for Reya too, to come back to this post one day and see how everyone shapes up. Here is wishing all the very best to all these adorable little ones!


We just switched pre-school a month ago. Moved Reya out of CCLC and into Sorrento Valley Children’s Center. The decision was mainly because I wanted a more stable teacher staff for her versus teachers leaving every week and I wanted a school where she could learn more for the next 2 years. It was a bitter sweet decision since she has now started developing true friendships and had a bunch of kids she played with and hung out with at CCLC. I had braced myself for a rough few weeks during the school transitions thinking that there will be plenty of tears at first. She really also would miss her friend Alexis from the old school. Reya however surprised us by just fitting into the new environment so well from the very first day! There have been no tears, no bad days no upset mornings. It was truly a huge relief. Not sure if it is her age now, or the calmer environment of the new school or the mix of both.

Here are some pics of her at CCLC, the year in miss Sherry’s class, which was most of 2015.











th, but she has been an absolute sweet heart through it all.