Christmas Break 2015

This Christmas was different from the 2014 one. Christmas 2014 we had Reya’s grand parents over and her Ganesh kaka visited too :-). We did a road trip to NoCal and it was awesome. This year she was older and much more excited about Christmas. Although she wasn’t sure till the last minute about what she wanted from Santa, so Santa too a guess and bought her roller skates. We spent Christmas eve in Mexico and came back on the 25th afternoon to open presents. This year Reya and I went to watch the Nutcracker with Eva and Archana, it was Reya’s first time watching a musical or any play and she loved it. It also helps that she has been learning Rhythmic Gymnastics so she could relate to the dances. After the Christmas week, Neha, Arjun, Ria and Ava were over for new years brea. That was a great trip. Reya and Ria had a great time, got along great and was 4 days of non-stop playing :-). We all spent New Years eve at Stone Brewery in San Diego with the kids and it was lovely. The kids almost made it to midnight.


Friendships and developing personalities

As these little ones are going from being babies and toddlers into “little children”, their personalities are starting to show and they are our own little reflections of parenthood. As we are all trying to figure this out, it has been very interesting to note the changes in the kids as they grow older, their likes and dislikes, their emotional quotients etc. Among the little ones that Reya hangs out the most with are Saskia, Alexis, Kiyana (our new neighbor) and Vanya. And each of these 5 girls are so distinctly different. Vanya is the most resilient, strongest 5 year old girl I have ever met. She has an older brother so he has learned the tricks of the trade very soon, and stands her own ground no matter what. She never sheds a tear and will fight till she wins, there is no other way she knows. Then there is Saskia who is very emotional, cries at the drop of a hat and has started using her loud voice and tears to get most everything. This however doesn’t fly in our house, every time Reya whines or cries to get something or even yells, I either walk away or ask her to do it one more time. Then she realizes it isn’t helping and changes her tone. I don’t know is this is the correct way, but this is the only way that is making sense to me at this point. I used to be like that, cry at the drop of a hat, but it took me a log time as I grew older to shed that fear and become confident. Having seen that for myself, I would not like to see Reya go through it. If we can make her confident and independent, the rest she wil figure out I am sure. Alexis is a sweet heart, she is the easiest personality, very giving and very easy. She has her own qualms of not liking the sand or the water or the grass :-), and Reya keeps trying to coax her but so far not too much luck :-). And then Kiyana, this one Reya bullies. Kiyana is even more timid than Reya and so Reya pushes her boundaries with Kiyana. It’s amazing to see how all these girls try to find where they can have an upper hand. I guess it is all a part of gaining that independence, trying to figure out how far you an go with whom and defining your own relationships.

Given the social media connection in today’s times, I am sure we will stay in touch no matter where in the world we end up…it will be interesting as parents and for Reya too, to come back to this post one day and see how everyone shapes up. Here is wishing all the very best to all these adorable little ones!


We just switched pre-school a month ago. Moved Reya out of CCLC and into Sorrento Valley Children’s Center. The decision was mainly because I wanted a more stable teacher staff for her versus teachers leaving every week and I wanted a school where she could learn more for the next 2 years. It was a bitter sweet decision since she has now started developing true friendships and had a bunch of kids she played with and hung out with at CCLC. I had braced myself for a rough few weeks during the school transitions thinking that there will be plenty of tears at first. She really also would miss her friend Alexis from the old school. Reya however surprised us by just fitting into the new environment so well from the very first day! There have been no tears, no bad days no upset mornings. It was truly a huge relief. Not sure if it is her age now, or the calmer environment of the new school or the mix of both.

Here are some pics of her at CCLC, the year in miss Sherry’s class, which was most of 2015.











th, but she has been an absolute sweet heart through it all.

Travel Diaries – Trip to Greece (May 2015)

Have I ever said what a great little traveler Reya is ? :-). We have been globe trotting with her since she was a baby, and now she is a champ. It is getting better now since she will remember the trips we make and she also has an opinion on what the days should look like, what she would like to do and helps pack her travel bags too.

This was a fun trip for her since Rob and Darci joined us too, and she loves them dearly. Not to mention they are like grand parent figures to her! We spent 2 days in Athens, 5 days in Sifnos which was gorgeous and then 5 days in Santorini. Vasanth and I loved Sifnos the best since it is a very small island, with not that much tourism and the people are very warm and welcoming and friendly, like much of Europe. We stayed at Delphini which was run by a husband and wife team, George and Peppe. His famous lines to Reya would always be “hello special lady!” and she would just giggle and laugh!

Reya also learnt on the trip that “there are no churches in Greece!”…Rob would keep teasing her, she she would get really mad since she quickly learned that Greece was full of churches and they all had blue domes! Of course she has no clue what a church really is, since we have no concept of God in our house hold and she just think a church is a museum…this can stick till she is old enough and starts asking more questions…She was quiet a champ as always in the flights and all the transits, had her little treats and toys along with the IPAD for entertainment.

In Santorini, she made friends with a lady who worked at our hotel. Her name was Isabelle and she was from South Africa. Reya would get candy from her every morning! :-). Reya also for the first time had some “cat following”. Everyone knows how famous Greece is for it’s stray cats, and 2 of them followed Reya around in out hotel. She was fine at first, till the cats got onto my lap and then well…the jealousy began! Come on, jealous of a cat! I hope she will look back at this and realize how silly it was! :DSC_1427CSC_1249 CSC_1519DSC_1070 DSC_1073 DSC_1089 DSC_1125 DSC_1138 DSC_1162DSC_1178 DSC_1184 DSC_1191 DSC_1225 DSC_1240 DSC_1259 DSC_1267-)

Oh did I mention Tigger did this trip with us :-). he did get captured in some pictures!

Reya and daddy

They usually say, daughter’s are daddy’s pets and they always fight with mommies. So far it’s the exact opposite in our house. Reya and Vasanth are always going at it. From the time she wakes up in the morning “daddy I need my space, go away” :-), ironically her space is still our bed! to fighting over ice cream. They.They go at it like siblings. Not to mention, she misses him terribly when he travels. So far she is a mommy’s girl. Wonder how it will play out when she is a teenager.

IMG_0858            IMG_0635DSC_1178DSC_1408

Reya’s witty ones

(Feb 2nd 2015) – So they were learning about “occupations” in school this last week. On our way back home from school, I started playing the same game with her, you know the who does she asks me “mom who makes signs?” (she was referring to signs along the road). While I was still thinking for the correct word she says “I know – “scien”tists ” :-). Totally had me cracking up.

Then the other day we were all in the car, and she tells her Nana

Reya – “nana, I am not happy with you”.

Nana – Why Reya, what did I do?

Reya – You penciled me up!

Nana – What does that mean Reya?

Reya – My brain tells me, it means you took a sharpener and started sharpening my cheeks!

The same morning we had the following conversation.

Me – Vasi I need to bleach my face

Reya – No mom, you are not a thing in this house, you are a human being

Me – eh?

Reya – You only bleach things not human beings (little did I know she pays attention when I say I need to use bleach to clean something!

Little kids are very endearing….they have the purest hearts. A couple of conversations Reya has had with me:

Driving to school this morning, listening to the Nepal Earthquake updates on NPR, and Reya sees this new home construction site at the side of the freeway and says “Mom, look they are building new houses for the people of Nepal, for all those who lost their homes, how cool is that!”…I just sighed and said : I wish the world was so black and white…

Our trip to Greece was great)2015), she had great time and made a lot of connections with people, where we stayed, some were little cafe owners etc…After we got back from our trip, in a few short weeks, the news was all about Greece, and how bad their economy was and how the banks were literally running out of money. Reya got very concerned that all her friends there would have no money to buy food or pay their bills…so she wanted to open her littel piggy bank and take all the money and go and give it to her friends in Greece :-)….

Oct 7th 2015 : Reya learned a new word in school yesterday, “nocturnal”. So when she was talking about it, I asked her if she knew the opposite and since she didn’t I told her what it was. The next morning on the drive to school, I brought it up again and I asked her the 2 words and I told her to define them for me. She did so, but for some reason with all my confidence I told her it was not “diurnal” but “biurnal”. She said, no mom yesterday you told me “diurnal, with a d, now you are changing it”. I said ” I never said di-, I said bi- and that how I was right”. She got very upset that she had forgotten and was now confused, so I decided to double check on google, and of course it was “diurnal”. She was like “look I told you!!”. . So much for mommy knows it all. This round Reya 1, Mommy 0 🙂

The little things

Reya just turned 3 this past weekend. Time is flying and I don’t want to forget the little things that amaze me about her everyday (who knows some day I might lose my memory :-))

We debated the co-sleeping issue for the entire first year. Now we are at a point where after 3 years, we don’t know how to sleep without her next to me any more. Some nights are rough, with her (corkscrewing) in bed :-), but I really don’t fight it now. I love the night time stories, and he little chats and the early morning kisses, her smile and her cuddles 🙂

Not to mention, in the mornings when she first wakes up and no one is in the room around her she calls out “mumma dadda”!/ And then it is a race between Vasi and I to run up to the room and get her first 🙂

IMG_1269       20140520_210129

Nanna and her have become inseparable, Reya calls her my Nanu :-), and wants her by her side from the minute she is out of bed. I hope she can always love her like that.

Another things she does each morning is “mommy is it TV day today”, right now she is allowed TV only every other day and she has been pretty good about it. Soon enough there will be no more asking and she will be in control of the remote :-). I can’t wait to see the fights between her and Vasanth then!

Last night while I was putting her to bed, she wanted to skip brushing (again), some nights I let her get away with it. Suddenly I thought of how she would look at 6 when she starts loosing her milk teeth, so I started talking to her about how children loose milk teeth and then get new ones. That freaked her out so much, she ran to brush her teeth, wasn’t my intention but worked out fine some how :-).

Oh this morning she was playing with the Ipad, and then asked for some Kiwi, so I said “no food with Ipad in your had”, she says “no mom no food, you feed me while I play” :-)…haha, cracks me up.


Here are some pics of us just being silly with photo booth

IMG_1344 IMG_1366 IMG_1385


And this is one of her, just fell asleep in my lap while we were out at dinner in Santa Barbara, during our 2014 Xmas road trip