This 5 year old…..

Reya turned 5 this last January. Since then there have been some significant personality changes, some I love, some I am not so sure of….

For instance, her girly side has started to show more (not like she was a tom boy before 🙂 ), but the Emotional Quotient can be off the charts some days and the tears roll like they are running out of fashion, I remember being like this too…but this is all new for daddy, who has to my surprise been extremely patient.

She has also become very self aware, she wants to dress well all the time, she wants to look pretty. She decides what clothes she wants to wear, how her hair should be done, what clips should match etc!!! She wants to use all of my lovely smelling lotions and wants me to save my shoes up for when she is old enough to wear them! It’s happening to fast and I am not ready for it, hence looking forward to the uniforms at school starting Kindergarten!

She has grown more independent not only in her daily chores but even in her opinions and stands up better for herself against the not so nice kids. This makes me very proud :-).

She loves reading and has suddenly made leaps of progress in reading on her own. She is ready for real school I think. It’s amazing to see the changes, the tiny steps towards independence. As a parent the felling is always bitter sweet, as much as you want them to be free and self sufficient and good decision makers, you miss the little baby there was once :-(.

Here is to a whole new phase and more fun and exciting times, all of which we cherish each day.


Look at me mom, I look pretty today

2016 Christmas break

We had 2 weeks off for winter break and it was time to get away. We decided to take a road trip to Zion national, we hadn’t made it out to a National park in a couple of years. Our friend Ganesh decided to join us with his daughter Ziva and it was great because Reya had company throughout the trip.

Reya was excited to see the snow, however the cold temperatures took her a couple of days to get used to. She also did a couple of hikes with us , however not without complains :-). We hope she starts enjoying more physical activity as she grows up and builds more resilience. Our Christmas day was in Vegas this year and Reya had asked Santa for a kids camera, so Santa delivered it to Vegas so Reya could use it and take it along on the road trip. I will make a different post with Reya’s own pictures from the trip.

Here are some we took along the way

Moving away

Saskia and Reya have been best friends since they were two. They first started in Ms. Marath’s class. Later after that school year ended, Saskia moved to a different school in San Diego, and Reya stayed in the same school. Luckily since we lived very close to each other, we made sure the girls met atleast a couple of times a week. As they grew up, they got even closer and as their personalities developed, they got along really well and always enjoyed each others company.

Then in the summer of 2016, Saskia’s family decided to move away, all the way across the country to Boston. It was her father’s job that took them to the other end of the country. At first it broke my heart to break the news to Reya, and as I did I could see the tears swell up in her eyes. We made it a point for the next few weeks to get the girls together as much as possible. But as the day finally got closer, Reya refused to talk about. We made Saskia a beautiful going away present with pictures of the two girls. When Saskia came over to say her last good bye, Reya refused to hug her or say good bye. It was the first real separation for her, from a really close friend.

Both Nicole and I will try our best to keep the girls connected. We already face time and have the girls write to each other (so far in their almost legible writing 🙂 ). Remains to be seen how long we can stay connected in spite of the distance.

Reya’s 4s

The year has just flown by. We are well into summer and Reya turned 4 1/2 years old. I always said, it seems like we had no terrible 2s with Reya, but the 4s sure do seem more challenging (at least to me, mom). It’s part of her becoming more independent, along with the daily battles of following rules. It’s amazing how quickly they go from being cute little 2 year old to these independent, argumentative kids! She is still very much a free spirit, but also very stubborn in a lot of ways. The hardest are school mornings and bed times, where we are all either short on patience or short on time :-). On off days, I really don’t care how she whiles away her time!

She really does have a mind of her own, she loves participating in various different activities, but as far as putting in the hard work out side of her classes, I still haven’t seen that side of her. Hope she comes around, I know she is still very young, but it would be nice to see that fighting spirit, like they say, you wish all the things for your kids that you never could do :-). She is very curious though, and always eager to ask questions and know it all, I hope that never changes. And books, she goes through 10 library books in 3 days! Love her love for books and wish that she starts reading more soon :-). I have seen a shift in her reading skills over the last few weeks, the easy books I pick up for her at the library, she is now able to get through most of them without help or putting up a fight, YAY to that!

Did I mention she has a sweet tooth, oh yeah very much so! She could spend her entire day eating stuff loaded with sugar, starting with chocolate granola! I honestly don’t mind the extra calories, it’s the sugar that worries me. I know very well what so much sugar can do to your dental hygiene, and I surely would not want her to go through that, it’s so painful!!

Here is wishing for calmer days ahead 🙂




Reya’s 4th Birthday

This post is a little overdue. I quit working full time at the beginning of 2016, yet on all the days that I am home, I have no idea where time goes!

Back to Reya’s birthday celebrations… we wanted this to be a more intimate birthday and less of a fanfare. Reya was easy to convince too and was allowed to pick a few of her close friends and an activity that they would like to do. In the end we ended up setting up an hour long ice skating lesson for Reya and her friends. It was the first time for most of them and given they age, they are eager to try anything new :-). Reya picked Kiana (our neighbor), Alexis and Saskia to bring along for the birthday. The girls skated for an hour and then we cut cake and enjoyed a few snacks. It was a perfect evening for her!

Later that night our friends Sanjeev and Ankita stopped by too, and Reya loves spending time with them. We hung out and Reya sang and danced to a series of songs from the move Frozen 🙂


Leading into the week of her birthday, we did a lot of baking :-). There was one day of baking with Kiana so the girls could enjoy some cup cakes and then there was a day of baking to carry yummy cupcakes for school :-).

Reya’s first Gymnastics Recital

Summer of 2015 I was looking for some class to enroll Reya in. At the time she was really not that much of a daredevil and wasn’t too big on jumping and tumbling. I tried a few ballet classes but she wasn’t keen on it. Then I stumbled upon Rhythmic Gymnastics. I think it is a great blend of flexibility, grace and strength. So far she has been loving it and she is picking up pretty well too. They had performances planned for Halloween where students of all ages could perform. Reya was in the 3-4s and they were all dressed a little pumpkins. They looked absolutely adorable and did a great job! I remember having so much stage fright as a kid, but the kids these days are afraid of nothing :-), it’s great to see the confidence! Here are some pics from the night. I hope she continues with Gymnastics.

Standing up

It’s been a while since I last posted – multiple happenings in the meantime – our first stint with a sinus infection and antibiotics, Reya getting used to day-care, Reya not napping in day-care and other growing pains. As first time parents, we freak out more than our fair share but I think we are holding up fairly decently. Concerning things include Reya not putting on a lot of weight, attributable to her getting sick.

But on the positive side she is almost ready to stand up. Yesterday we were playing with her on the den and suddenly noticed that she was propping herself up on the diaper box. She was eagerly pulling out a loose piece of sticker paper on the adjacent wipes box. Reya was having a ball of a time doing it without realizing that she had just about started a major milestone for every human. She crawls at a fairly decent clip and it is hard to keep up with her. We are now facing the perils of a growing baby in that she is interested in the most hazardous of things – edge of bed and bed-posts, plug-points and crawling under tables with sharp edges. It is exhausting keeping up with her but a whole deal of fun. At times we think we should have had her (an interesting question, if we did, would it have been Reya five years ago as well?) when we were 5 years younger.

But for now we are enjoying each milestone and coaxing her to say the first word – i think it most likely will be some form of gibberish but hey whatever….Now onto walking.